Available in

2×4—6′-20′ “C” & Btr.

2×6—6′-20′ “C” & Btr.

2×8—6′-20′ “C” & Btr.

2×10—6′-20′ “C” & Btr.

2×12—6′-20′ “C” & Btr.

4×4—12×12 Timbers Available via Special Order

Our Lumber

Douglas Fir native to North America and is one of the tallest species of lumber in the western hemisphere growing easily over 200 feet in height. Douglas Fir is recognized for its appearance and strength.

Our Douglas Fir boards are stored stacked and dried making sure to minimize warp. Each Douglas Fir board is on grade and damage free insuring you get a quality product.

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Contractors and DIY’s are able to purchase Lumbermans products through  partnering retailers. If you would like help contacting a retailer we are here to assist you.