Take your project from concept to reality

Jason Bassett

Lumberman’s engineering team will take the plans provided by the architect/builder and run a full structural analysis. The team will appropriately size the materials and provide a detailed description of their location within the structure. The framing materials are sent to our retail customers.

Roof Plan

Starting with the roof, a detailed analysis is created by factoring in each point load, and bracing location. This is particularly useful when  complex roof geometry’s become a factor.

Placement Diagram

Lumberman’s engineers are able to create detailed placement diagrams. The advantage of this is that each BCI joist corresponds to a particular location within the placement diagram.

Placement diagrams have proven invaluable in easing construction to those on the job site.

Automated Saw

Drawings are digitally sent from our engineering office to the saw.  In this video, I-Joists are being cut to size and holes are added for HVAC if requested. Each board coming off the saw is labeled for easy installation on the job site.


The photo above is an example of a recent project completed with the involvement of Lumberman’s engineers and materials.