Tiger Deck

Sustainable Hard Wood Decking With A 25 Year Limited Warranty

5/4x6 Grooved & Solid

5/4x6-8′ Rail Top Cap

4X4-6′ Post

1x6 Grooved & Solid

5/4x4-12′ Subrail

Black Talon Standard Fasteners (100 Sq. Ft.)

1x6-10′ T&G Center-Match & V.Joint

5/4x2-8′ Baluster

Black Talon Angled Fasteners (100 Sq. Ft.)

Tiger Deck Technical Information And Installation Guides

Includes Physical And Mechanical Properties
Link to Tiger Deck Technical InformationLink to Installation Guide
How do I fasten Tiger Deck?

It is recommended that you should pre-drill and use stainless steel screws to fasten Tiger Deck. We offer Black Talon hidden fastens for securing Tiger Deck grooved deck boards.

How do I maintain Tiger Deck?

Tiger Deck is incredibly long lasting when installed correctly. Tiger Deck does not require additional finish, however we recommend sealing the end grain with a penetrating oil for increased longevity.

If left untreated, oxidation and UV exposure will cause Tiger Deck to turn darker until finally turning silver in color. You can slow this process by using a penetrating finish that contain UV inhibitors. Marine grade Penofin is recommended for maintaining Tiger Deck’s color.

Where is tiger wood grown?

Tiger wood is a common tree with an area of natural distribution, from Mexico and the Caribbean through Central America and South America, to the Andes Mountains in the west and south to Argentina and is part of the cashew Family.