Western Red Cedar Dimension Rough Sawn

Western Red Cedar is an excellent choice for a verity of outdoor projects


Available in

2×4—8′-20′ Appearance Grade Rough Sawn

2×6—8′-20′ Appearance Grade Rough Sawn

2×8—8′-20′ Appearance Grade Rough Sawn

2×10—8′-20′ Appearance Grade Rough Sawn

2×12—8′-20′ Appearance Grade Rough Sawn

4×4—8′-12′ Std. & Btr. Rough Sawn

4×6—8′-12′ Std. & Btr. Rough Sawn

4×8—8′-12′ Std. & Btr. Rough Sawn

6×6—8′-12′ Std. & Btr. Rough Sawn

8×8—8′-12′ Std. & Btr. Rough Sawn

*** 4×10-12×12 Timbers Available via Special Order

Link to guides from the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association

Includes installation, finishing, and properties guides.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is natural resistant to decay and insects. WRC is also lightweight, dimensionally stable, and is easy to stain. Making WRC an excellent choice for a verity of outdoor projects.

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